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Mickey McAdams                   
Jordan Bennett
Banjo/Backing Vocals



As a musical operation not easily classified, Cull Hollow was never interested in subscribing to the norms of bluegrass music. Immerging from diverse musical backgrounds, both members of the Kentucky-based duo forged the coalition with determined spirits and a desire to break down any and all barriers that separated them from creating their ideal brand of acoustic music.


Mickey McAdams, the group's superlative guitarist and lead vocalist, grew up in a musical household and was subjected to the sounds of rural America early on. Mickey's eager ear eventually led him to embrace other forms of music like rock and jazz, each of which helped him fine tune his approach to music performance and composition. The guitarist's immersive  study of the instrument's legendary wielders has resulted in a technically sound, yet thoroughly unique approach to 6-string wizardry.


Cull Hollow's other half, a riveting banjoist and background vocalist named Jordan Bennett, first developed his voracious interest in music upon the duo's first meeting many years before this musical project was conceived. It was in this initial attempt at expressing their artistry through rock and metal music that the step-brothers planted the seeds that would eventually become Cull Hollow. Although Jordan embraced music a little later on, he pursued it with an unrivaled intensity that eventually granted him a degree in music from the University of Louisville. Studying jazz and classical guitar at a collegiate level has granted the banjoist a unique take on his instrument of choice despite his utmost adoration for banjo tradition.


Through purely circumstantial life events, the boys made a conscious decision to collaborate once again in the fall of 2014. It was through intense jams and writing sessions in the basement of a log cabin in Corbin, Kentucky that the roots of Cull Hollow began to take hold. They commenced by using bluegrass music as a blank canvas to paint their musical histories with vivid colors that came in the form of their previous musical endeavors.  Since then, the ensemble has played a variety of shows throughout the states of Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Over the past few years, the duo has discovered that it is equally at home playing music festivals as it is in smoky barrooms, milking them of their intimacy. Listeners that attend Cull Hollow's performances are regularly challenged to forgo music as purely a cultural identifier, and to instead savor it in a joyous child-like manner without any perceived mental or social hindrances.       

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Our Story

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